Top 5 Most Popular Things To Do in Shah Alam


The state capital of the state of Selangor, Shah Alam is a small city with a modest population of 650,000. However, even Shah Alam has its very own unique features that makes it worth visiting. Here are 5 popular things to do in Shah Alam:

The things you can do in Shah Alam as a tourist entails getting close to nature or getting physical with fun activities, although there are also many impressive monuments.

1. Visit the Blue Mosque

Shah Alam is arguably most famous for the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. Built in 1988, this religious structure is not only the largest in Malaysia, but also the largest in Southeast Asia, seconded only by Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque. Its name is derived from its massive silver-blue dome on its central building, surrounded by four tower-like minarets that serves as a visual focal point for the Muslim call to prayer. The mosque also overlooks the Garden of Islamic Arts, a 14-hectare park housing nine galleries of rich Islamic arts from sculptures and literature to calligraphy.

2. Go to i-City

i-City is Shah Alam’s very own 72 acre intelligent city, a retail and commercial hub complete with theme parks, shopping, entertainment, office buildings, hotels and innovation centres. Attractions include SnoWalk, a 50,000 square feet artic-themed attraction decked out with tons of ice sculptures, a Water World theme park, and a City Walk Space Mission simulation. What makes i-City truly mesmerizing is the design of the city with millions of LED lights on trees and buildings that brings the night alive when the sun sets, earning it its nickname of the ‘City of Digital Lights’.

3. Unwind at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens

A beautiful oasis to rest and relax, the Shah Alam Lake Garden is a 43-hectare beautifully landscaped garden with three man-made lakes where one can rent and row kayaks. Asides from just enjoying the lush and green nature, there is a Wet World Shah Alam water theme park adjacent to it with playgrounds and seafood restaurants, making this a popular retreat for a relaxing family day out. The Shah Alam Lake Gardens is also perfectly suited for family picnics. Alternatively, one can also visit the Shah Alam Gallery or a culture centre called Laman Budaya that is in this area.

4. Take flight on the Aviation Experience Flight Simulator

A popular attraction of Shah Alam and the first of its kind in Malaysia, Aviax is a cockpit flight simulator that offers customers an incredible experience of flying an airplane. The user is put through a surreal experience in an exact replica of a real Boeing 737-800 plane, along with a fully functional flight control system with dozens of knobs and buttons, even letting the “pilot” take-off or land at any major airport in the world!

5. Enter the Sunway Pyramid

One of Malaysia’s most exciting and unique shopping malls, Sunway Pyramid is an Egyptian-themed entertainment mall with hundreds of retail, dining and entertainment choices split among four districts – Fashion Central, Asian Avenue, Marrakesh and Oasis Boulevard. Architecturally, the building is a sight to behold; it is shaped like a pyramid and a gargantuan sphinx stands guard in front of it. The eager shopper will be spoilt for choice in the colossal variety of fashion accessories, clothing, gifts, IT products, jewellery and home furnishing products. Furthermore, the Sunway Pyramid is home to the largest ice skating ring in Malaysia.


The small city of Shah Alam boasts its very own features that lends it its unique identity. With something uniquely its own to offer, Shah Alam is sure to be able to offer every tourist a good time.