Shopping Malls You Should Visit in Shah Alam


Shah Alam, the place of all things amazing, is about a forty-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Named after the late Sultan Alam Shah, this modest district of just 90 square miles is the capital state of Selangor. It has an abundance of recreational areas, schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, hypermarkets, and attractions for both locals and tourists. But that’s not all—there’s also 5 beautiful shopping malls in Shah Alam, ensuring its population of over 650,000 people can get everything they need and more.


1. Plaza Shah Alam

Plaza Shah Alam Shopping Mall | Concorde Hotel Shah AlamThis shopping mall is the go-to for foodies as it has a large variety of food and beverage outlets; not to mention, with new outlets coming in every now and then. The best part is, Plaza Shah Alam is located right next to Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, so you can shop all-day-long without having to worry about accommodation. Plaza Shah Alam is never short of fun events & activities as well, so remember to bring your family and friends with you!


2. Aeon Mall Shah Alam

Aeon Mall Shah Alam | Concorde Hotel Shah AlamYou heard right! The largest retailer in Asia opened its own shopping mall right here in Shah Alam, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Aeon malls have outlets that sell groceries, clothes, home appliances, and many more—making it perfect for those who are in need of commodities and simple household items. Best of all, there will be family-friendly events organised every now and then, so make sure to bring your kids to Aeon Mall Shah Alam!


3. Central i-City

Central i-City Mall Shah Alam | Concorde Hotel Shah AlamComing all the way from the beautiful land of Thailand is Central i-City mall, a shopping mall that promises new everyday experience. Full of beautiful props, backdrops and decorations, this shopping mall is probably the most insta-worthy one among the bunch. Not just that, Central i-City mall also has many interesting, limited-time-only installations, such as their very own Chinatown and Little Chatuchak. One thing’s for sure — your experience at the mall will be nothing short of breathtaking.


4. SACC Mall Shah Alam

SACC Mall Shah Alam | Concorde Hotel Shah AlamLocated right in the heart of Shah Alam City Centre is SACC Mall, the neighbourhood mall with a difference. This shopping haven houses many top brands, both local and international. With five floors of outlets for you to choose from, you’ll never run out of things to do in this mall. SACC Mall is quickly becoming the venue of choice for medium to large events in Shah Alam due to its strategic location. If you love discovering new things — look no further.


5. Setia City Mall

Setia City Mall | Concorde Hotel Shah AlamSetia City Mall is located near the tail end of the Setia Alam Link that joins the NKVE highway and Jalan Meru. There’s more than meets the eye with this family-friendly shopping mall. On the inside, there are plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment outlets. On the outside, there’s a beautiful and serene park with a fully-fledged children’s playground—staying true to their slogan: ‘Great times inside and out.’ Many of the locals will head to Wangsa Bowl (located at level 2) just to play bowling, so bowling fans—you know where to go.


There are plenty of shopping malls in Shah Alam, and wanting to shop at all of them is only normal given how amazing each of them are. However, there is a measurable distance between each of them, making it almost impossible to visit them all in a day. If you happen to be visiting KL or Selangor and is a huge fan of shopping malls, why not consider booking a hotel room in Shah Alam? The trick is to find one that’s both comfortable and affordable, such as Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, a 4-star hotel. If you book directly from the website, you can enjoy Concorde Hotel Shah Alam’s exclusive benefits!


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