Shah Alam Attractions: Places to Visit & Activities You Can Try


What is there to do in Shah Alam? A small district of only 90 square miles with a population of 650,000, Shah Alam is the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia. However, this developed town has many significant recreational areas along with schools, banks, hospitals, hotels and large hypermarkets.

1. Have a walk at Snowalk

Within Shah Alam’s very own intelligent town i-City is Snowalk, the largest snow theme park in Malaysia. This attraction is a freezing, snow-white arena decorated with hundreds of life-sized ice sculptures of animals, trees dressed in glittering red, blue and green LED lights, and little igloos and houses as visitors walk through the attraction. Perfect for family outings and the Christmas holiday, there are also several little slides where children have fun sliding down.

2. Monkey around at Skytrex Aventure

Skytrex Adventure is the perfect spot for individuals with an inclination for extreme sports. The park is located within the forest of Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam where you can have a recreational “sky-trekking” experience flying, gliding and swinging from tree to tree on the various aerial obstacles suspended within the lush tropical rainforest.
Suitable for all ages, Skytrex Adventure is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Guests can opt to undertake extreme challenges where they will be put through dozens of obstacles like flying foxes, climbing rope ladders, crossing plank and rope bridges and more.

3. Experience the life of a pilot at the Aviation Experience Flight Simulator

This rare attraction in Shah Alam is uniquely one-of-a-kind in Malaysia. The Aviax is a cockpit flight simulator attraction that lets people sit literally in the pilot seat, as they are thrusted into a realistic simulation of flying a plane. The attraction may seem to be a gimmicky imitation propped up by virtual reality at first glance. However, its complex and fully functional flight control system complete with the dozens of knobs and lighted buttons that would seem like alien gizmos to the layman.

4. Enjoy a family’s day out at Wet World Shah Alam

At Wet World Shah Alam, guests can enjoy a good day of water recreation and fun. This family-oriented waterpark is decked out with colourful pirate and ship themed water slides, playgrounds, and whirlpools that is designed with the target audience of children in mind.



5. Get in touch with nature at Shah Alam Agricultural Park

This 1,295 hectare agricultural park is one of the largest in the world. Within it are various attractions, a tropical rainforest and in the middle sits a spectacular artificially-created lake. There are numerous types of gardens every nature-lover would enjoy spending the day walk through: orchid, cactus, mushroom, spice and ornamental gardens. If you enjoy cruising through the natural habitat of forests, you can rent a bike and cycle along the biking routes that circle the lake. Fishing enthusiasts will find no lack of lakes to plant their rods and try their luck. Visitors can also choose to take up horse-riding lessons or go kayaking in the lake!


Tourists are often surprised; even a small city like Shah Alam carries with it its own charm and unique attractions.