i-City Theme Park, Shah Alam: The Gateway to a World Filled with Fun for You & Your Family


i-City Theme Park is located next to the Federal Highway in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor. It is part of i-City – a fully integrated intelligent city. this 72 acre-ICT-based urban development comprises corporate, leisure and residential components.

Since its opening in 2009, the i-City Theme Park has never failed to attract more than 5 million visitors to Shah Alam every year – which is the reason why Shah Alam is swiftly becoming the heart of Selangor’s golden triangle. This theme park has five main attractions, namely Waterworld, Snowalk, Red Carpet Wax Museum, Trick Art Museum, and the City of Digital Lights.



Make waves at WaterWorld @ i-City. This Shah Alam water theme park is at a level of its own, rivalling even the water theme park giant at the Sunway area. The biggest and arguably the most exciting ride the WaterWorld has to offer is the Ultimate Tornado. This funnel water slide is not to be underestimated; you must have a group of four to play this – no exception. This ride emulates the experience of water swirling into a plug hole after gushing out of a tap: quick and unstoppable! If going on rides with the entire family is your thing, you must try out the WaterWorld’s Family Raft Slide. There’s also the Kiddies’ Twin Slides for the more adventurous little ones. Towards the end of your day, chill at the Relax Pool that’s equipped with powerful jet showers, jacuzzi outlets and under-the-surface lounger chairs before you exit the theme park.



Experience Malaysia’s very own winter wonderland! Snowalk, i-City promises an ice-cold experience (the temperature inside is only 5°C), perfect for Malaysians who are trying to escape the hot weather! Free jackets and boots are provided. There are also gloves available for sale to those who need them. As a precaution, infants below 12 months old and pregnant women are not allowed into the premises. Awaiting inside are beautiful decorations made of actual ice such as igloos and mini castles! There’s also a mini train, ice slide, mini-bobsled run, various ice sculptures and more. If you’re craving a snow-like experience in Malaysia during Christmas, this is the place to be.


Red Carpet Wax Museum 

Forget travelling to Singapore for Madame Tussauds, Malaysia now has its very own all-star interactive wax museum – Red Carpet Wax Museum, i-City. This bright red building is impossible to miss when you’re strolling along i-City. To make things interesting, the exhibits come in various themes such as world leaders, movie stars, martial artists and more. Best of all, there are various props that accompany the wax figures, making it easier for you to blend in when taking photographs.


Trick Art Museum 

i-City’s Trick Art Museum is a place where your eyes will deceive you. It is also the first museum in Malaysia that uses the trompe l’oeil art technique. Filled with illusionism paintings with five different themes (Masterpieces, Egyptian, Marine Life, Animal Kingdom, and Modern Classics), this museum is perfect for photographs. It’s no cakewalk though; you will need to find the right pose and angle for the best photo results, as these photographs are actually created with 2D paintings. Rest assured, people of all ages will find this museum enjoyable as the artworks are pretty diverse.


City of Digital Lights 

The City of Digital Lights is what makes i-City such a beautiful and amazing place. Come night time, the entire city comes to life as the lights come on. The trees, various decorations and figures are all illuminated by colourful LED lights. Deep inside the city is a special Mist Fountain and the Dancing Waters – a spectacularly-choreographed symphony of lights, lasers, water jets and audio. To top it all off, there are also theme park rides available. No entrance fee is required to enter the City of Digital Lights, so you can always take a stroll along its colourful streets and take as many insta-worthy photos as you like!

i-City Shah Alam is indeed an amazing place to visit in Malaysia. It’s not so much about the number of attractions, but the breathtaking experience each of its attractions offers. It might be overwhelming at first, but take your time to enjoy each attraction and it’ll all be worth it. We recommend Concorde Hotel Shah Alam’s hotel rooms. The hotel is not too far from i-City, perfect for those who plan to try out everything this amazing city has to offer. Check out Concorde Hotel’s affordable 4-star hotel rooms now.