Welcome to Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

An internationally renowned business class hotel located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Guest Reviews

Everything perfect! From the bed to the toilet, the breakfast and the staff. The bed was super comfy, the room is clean, I had a great night. The breakfast was great, all variety are delicious especially the “nasi lemak”! All are perfect. I’ll come again!

Vacation31256047751, Ipoh, Malaysia (12/2/18)

04 Dec 2018

Clean room and many choices for breakfast. Fast service at check in and out. Good location as can easily get many choice of food nearby.Besides, for own transport is convenient too. Free parking and there is petrol station locate beside hotel only.Recommend for short trip or business trip overnight.

Explorer38577325023 (11/28/18)

01 Dec 2018

So satisfied with the staff, services, room, foods and etc. Me and my husband have such nice and cozy experience during our stay. We enjoy every moment in the hotel. definitely will repeat again later. thank you so much.

Relax48949187149, Raub, Malaysia (11/29/18)

01 Dec 2018

All..they work together, always give us a best smile, make us feel comfortable..please give rewards to your staff for their hard work…Concorde hotel always my 1st option when I want to stay in shah Alam…thank your the good service, delicious food.

Venture57015724031, Penang Island, Malaysia (11/30/18)

01 Dec 2018

Bilik sangat best! All the facilities are great! I will come again.  Also convenient for kids.

anis jamil (11/30/18)

30 Nov 2018


Comfy pillows and bed. Nice views from room. Good spread of breakfast. So many choices and delicious too!

Syahira, Malaysia (11/27/18)

28 Nov 2018

love everything about the hotel & all the facilities that available. Thank you for having such an excellent service. Definitely will come back if I go to Shah Allam in the future inshaAllah .

Erna, Malaysia (11/27/18)

28 Nov 2018

Inshaallah whenever I visit Shah Alam, Concorde will now be my go to hotel. Staff are very well trained and professional. Morning greetings from staff before entering and leaving breakfast buffet is highly appreciated. Kilos gym staff was also very helpful and polite. I would like to personally thank front desk staff for making my checking ins and outs feel like a breeze. Breakfast, is the best part of this hotel. Their sambal sardin oh god. You have to try it. And the view you’re getting especially if you stay at room 705! BREATHTAKING. Thank you Concorde for making my short stay worthwhile. Will come here again soon, inshaallah!

Syahirah, Malaysia (11/27/18)

27 Nov 2018

Hi,Check in on the 23rd November and check out on the 25th November 2018. First and for most accept my humble thanked to all involved from my family and I first step in into your hotel. Greeted by BARD , SYED , QEELA and an intern from Indonesia. Was a bit early that Friday but I was well accommodated by the humble Front Desk office. They did their level best to fulfilled my at time ridiculous demand. My whole family were extremely happy and the promise was IT IS GOING TO BE A NEXT VISIT FOR SURE.The rooms were at their best, comfy bed, fresh crisp line. Love the soap aroma…haha.Had our quick lunch on Friday at Melting Pot. It does melt our tummy. Breakfast was superb except it was a bit crowded (that proves CONCORDE serves the BEST)That night we had fun gallivanting to oldies and new number by the residence band at CROSSROAD. Thumbs up!Above all, thank you so much to all especially Bard, Syed n Qeela for being very accommodating and am so happy when Bard can finally pronounce my name correctly! (gotcha)Management team by all means, please give these staffs an appraisal if not some salary raise…anything…well deserved by them. In fact any staffs we come across gave us the best face and smile despite any odds. The housekeeping team too…big thank you to all. DR SAFARUDDIN MOHD ALILEMBAGA PENAPIS FILEMKEMENTERIAN DALAM NEGERIARAS 2 BLOK D2, KOMPLEKS D,PUSAT PENTADBIRAN KERAJAAN PERSEKUTUAN82546, PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA

Dream58918619273, Putrajaya, Malaysia (11/27/18)

27 Nov 2018

The room high cleanliness. The breakfast full of variety dishes. The staff very friendly. The hotel’s location very strategic in the center of Shah Alam.  A lot of restaurants nearby the hotel. Highly recommended.

Zaharullail A, Malaysia (11/22/18)

23 Nov 2018

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